Objective(s) i) To improve the voltage level and to reduce system loss through power factor improvement.
ii) To ensure the supply of improved quality of electrical energy from the proposed substations where the Capacitor Banks will be installed.
iii) To save motors and other electric appliances of industries from the low voltage effect.
iv) To transmit more quantity of power.
v) To increase the efficiency of transmission network.
Scope of Work i) 450 MVAR Capacitor Bank in 8 Substations at 132 KV side
ii) 10 nos. of 132 KV Bay Extension
Project Cost Total: 50.99 crore BDT, GOB: 20.01crore BDT, Project Aid: 30.98 crore BDT
Development Partner ADB
Present Status Physical: 100%, Financial: 100%
Estimated Duration 2005-06 to 2009-10
Project Office

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