Objective(s) i. To transfer more power & relieve the existing transmission network from Sylhet area towards Dhaka.
ii. To ensure adequate supply of power to northern part of Dhaka.
iii. To evacuate surplus power to be generated from existing & up-coming power plants (including Bibiyana) of Sylhet area to national Grid.
Scope of Work 1. 168.64 km 400 kV Bibiyana-Kaliakoir Double ckt line.
2. 33.18 km Fenchuganj-Bibiyana 230 kV double ckt line
3. Installation of 400/230 kV 1x520 MVA transformer at Bibiyana.
4. 400/230 kV, 1x520 MVA & 400/132 kV, 2x325 MVA S/S at Kaliakoir
5. 230/132 kV, 1x300 MVA S/S at Fenchuganj and renovation & extension of existing 132 kV substation at Fenchuganj
6. Construction of 36 km 230 kV line for turn-in and out of existing Aminbazar-Tongi230 kV line on four ckt tower at Kaliakoir.
7. Construction of 5 km 132 kV line for turn-in and out of existing Kabirpur-Tangail 132 kV line on four ckt tower at Kaliakoir.
8. Construction of16 km Kaliakoir-Dhamrai double circuit 132 kV line.
9. Construction of about 3.75 km 132 kV Four circuit transmission line on Four circuit tower from Fenchuganj SS to Fenchuganj PS.
Project Cost Total: BDT 2,010.5656 crore; GoB: BDT 795.1881 crore; PGCB: BDT 475.3775 crore; Project Aid: BDT 740.00 crore (92.5 m USD)
Development Partner EDCF (Korea)
Present Status Physical: 99.85%
Estimated Duration July, 2010 to June, 2017
Project Office Project Director: Engr. Md. Quamrul Hassan, Superintending Engineer
Address: NLDC Building (7th floor), Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka.
Mobile: +88-01711-644-857
Fax: N/A
Telephone: N/A
E-mail: pd-bk@pgcb.org.bd, quamrul_pgcb@yahoo.com

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