Objective(s) • To create power evacuation facilities for upcoming power plants at Mongla (1st unit 660 MW)
• To supply construction power to Mongla power plant
Scope of Work a) 24 km four circuit 230 kV Mongla-Khulna (South) line (Initially two circuit stringing).
b) Two 230 kV bay extension at Khulna (South).
Project Cost Total: 13977.64 Lakh BDT, Local Currency (LC): 7241.06 Lakh BDT, Foreign Currency (FC): 6736.58 Lakh BDT
Development Partner PGCB
Present Status Physical: 100.00% Financial: 100.00%
Estimated Duration Jan, 2015 to December, 2021
Project Office Project Director: Prabir Chandra Dutta, Superintending Engineer (Addl Charge)
Address: NLDC Complex, Aftabnagar, Badda, Dhaka.
Mobile: 01755677421
E-mail: pgcbmktlproject@yahoo.com

last updated on: 2022-06-05 10:48:53
Information Source: Project Planning