Objective(s) • To evacuate power from the proposed 225 MW power plant at Sikalbaha;
• Provide reliable power to Chattogram city through Rampur & Sikalbaha.
• Meet the growing load demand all over the country through new eleven number of 132/33 kV substation.
To Relieve the existing substation adjacent to the new substations.
Scope of Work a) Hathazari-Sikalbaha-Anowara 230 kV Double Circuit Line: 45 km
b) Rampur-Agrabad 132kV Double Circuit Line U/G: 5 km
c) Khulshi-Halishahar In-OUT 132kV U/G line Four Circuit: 3 km
d) 132kV double Circuit Interconnection line: 131 km
e) 132kV Loop-in loop-Out line: 8 km
f) 2 number of 230/132 kV, 2x300 MVA (each) substation at Chittagong region
g) 11 number of 132/33 kV substation all over the country (Total 2190 MVA).
h) 230 kV Bay Extension: 4 Nos.
132kV Bay Extension: 9 Nos.
Project Cost Total: 242221.73 Lakh BDT,GoB:62432.79 Lakh BDT,Project Aid: 136650.00 Lakh BDT,PGCB:43138.94 Lakh BDT
Development Partner JICA
Present Status Physical: 100.00% Financial: 100.00%
Estimated Duration January, 2013 to June, 2022
Project Office Project Director: Engr. Sukanto Lal Nag, Chief Engineer
Address: 17 Mohakhali, Red Crescent Concord Tower (6th floor), Dhaka-1217.
Mobile: 01714045696
E-mail: pd.nptndp@pgcb.gov.bd

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Information Source: Project Planning