Objective(s) i. To improve the capacity, reliability, stability and efficiency of power supply in Mymensingh region
ii. To encourage Renewable energy sources, reduce power generation from fossil fuels, diversify the fuel mix and above all ensure security and long-term development of power system
iii. To further improve the efficiency of operation of power transmission system.
Scope of Work 1. 230 kV line
2. 132 kV level
3. 400 kV Sub-Station
4. 230 kV Sub-Station
5. 132 kV Sub-Station
Project Cost Total Cost: 381,994.00 lakh BDT
Development Partner ADB
Present Status PDPP has been sent to Planning Commission on 10/09/2023
Estimated Duration 01/07/2025 to 30/06/2030
Project Office

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