Objective(s) (i) To make evacuation arrangement for the power generated from Sirajganj 150 MW Gas Turbine Power Plant, Baghabari 350 MW& 70 MW at Bera Power Plant.
(ii)To increase the system capacity and stability.
(iii) To reduce technical loss of electricity and improvement of voltage level.
(iv) To transmit electrical energy among the major load centers.
Scope of Work 1)Construction of Ishwardi-Baghabari 230 kV Transmission Line
2) Construction of Baghabari-Sirajganj-Bogra 230 kV Transmission Line
3) Construction of Baghabari 230/132 kV new Sub-Station &Ishwardi Substation extension
Project Cost Total: 464.94crore BDT, GOB: 183.39crore BDT, Project Aid: 281.54 crore BDT
Development Partner ADB, KfW, Supplier's Credit- TATA India
Present Status Physical: 100%, Financial: 100%
Estimated Duration 2002-03 to 2008-09
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