Objective(s) i. To meet the growing demand of the respective areas of the proposed new 132/33 kV substations at Kulaura & Sherpur.
ii. To relieve the loading of existing 132/33 kV substations supplying power to the concerned area.
Scope of Work (1) Construction of 20 km 132 kV double circuit interconnecting line (Jamalpur-Sherpur)
(2) Construction of 25 km 132 kV double circuit interconnecting line (Fenchuganj-Kulaura).
(3) 132/33 kV, 2x25/41 MVA Substation at Kulaura
(4) 132/33 kV, 2x35/50 MVA Substation at Sherpur.
(5) Extension of 2 nos. 132 kV bays and shifting & renovation of existing bus coupler bay at Jamalpur substation.
Project Cost Total: BDT 217.4796 crore(PGCB), Local Currency (LC): BDT 90.24 crore; Foreign Currency (FC): BDT 127.2396 crore
Development Partner N/A
Present Status Physical: 100%, Financial: 100%
Estimated Duration January, 2012 to June, 2016
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