Objective(s) • To supply back feed power to upcoming 1st unit (660 MW) of Payra 1320 MW Power Plant by constructing 230kV line which will be used to make a transmission link between Payra coal power plant and adjacent area in future.
Scope of Work 1. To construct 47 km 230kV transmission line.
2. To construct 132 kV Switchyard (except transformer).
3. 132kV Bay Extension: 02 nos
Project Cost Total: 30535.05 Lakh BDT, GoB: 27960.68 Lakh BDT PGCB : 2574.37 Lakh BDT
Development Partner N/A
Present Status Physical: 100%, Financial: 100%
Estimated Duration January,2017 to June, 2021
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