Objective(s) i. To complete the 400kV ring network for Central (Dhaka) region of national grid and improve system reliability.
ii. To establish backbone grid network for future regional grid integration in synchronous mode.
iii. To enhance the transmission system for accommodating cross border electricity trade in different zones of the country.
iv. To extend transmission network for harnessing of renewable energy generation in Southern region.
Scope of Work 1. 400 kV line
2. 230 kV line
3. 132 kV level
4. 400 kV Sub-Station
5. 230 kV Sub-Station
Project Cost Total Cost: 777,388.50 Lac BDT
Development Partner World Bank
Present Status PDPP has been approved on 19/04/2022
Estimated Duration 01/07/2026 to 30/06/2031
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